Facial reputation: As airports in India begin the use of the technology, how will or not it’s regulated?

Since July 1, passengers at Hyderabad airport have had the option of using their face as their “boarding card” as facial reputation generation trials had been released. But the roll-out of this new technology, which promises “hassle-loose and paperless” trips, has raised questions about whether the facts it collects could be given to private corporations […]

Investors Seek an Edge by way of Using Technology That Reads Between the Lines

Ever on account that British economist John Maynard Keynes first declared that investors are prey to people’s urge to behave, however irrationally, the monetary international has attempted to quantify the effect of public sentiment on inventory expenses. Solving the puzzle might provide buyers in the realize a huge gain over the opposition. Over the past […]

Fact Check: China ‘Claims’ Massive Breakthrough in Stealth Technology

Chinese scientists claim they have got evolved a brand new kind of fabric for making the plane less detectable through radar. But the improvement likely is not the leap forward that some observers declare it’s miles. Prof. Luo Xiangang and colleagues at the Institute of Optics and Electronics, a part of the Chinese Academy of […]

U.S. Warship Took Down Iranian Drone Using New ‘Jamming’ Technology

Last week, the U.S. Allegedly shot down an Iranian drone the use of new maritime anti-drone generation. According to a file within the Wall Street Journal, the drone near the American warship USS Boxer within the Strait of Hormuz turned into added down using new technology that had just been added to naval defenses. It […]

Five Ways Technology Can Clean Up Your Schedule

Technology is a double-edged sword for busy human beings. On one hand, smartphones and social media have made it easier than ever to waste time without even noticing it. On the alternative hand, new software is launched every day that’s designed to get your time table so as. Making technology paintings to your schedule method […]

China is unexpectedly emerging as a generation superpower. This will have a ways-achieving implications for India

If the day past’s a success release of Chandrayaan-2 is visible as a reaction to China surging ahead in space, a study of how China fares within the general tech race are illuminating. Beijing has invested billions of greenbacks in current years to develop the civilian and army applications of emerging technology which includes 5G, […]

What Technology Is Most Likely to Become Obsolete During Your Lifetime?

Certain Boomer basements are little shrines to obsolescence, untidy stockrooms of the one-time modern-day: VCRs, corded telephones, great beige PC video display units, and so on. Way fewer Millennials could have basements to store trash in (‘home possession’ itself speedy verging on obsolete), but presumably, as soon as climate alternate truely hits and that they’re […]

Electronic eye: Technology for breakdowns prevention

Detecting deformations and the wear-out fee of underground water mains is one of the functions of the measuring optical tool created with the aid of the scientists of Ural Federal University in collaboration with D-TEST Optical Measurement Systems, a studies, and manufacturing company. The mission is done within the framework of talents of the Interregional […]

Transformation Without Technology

In our present age of digital disruption, it makes intuitive feel that organizations might need to “combat fireplace with hearth,” employing the modern-day and best technology to gain aggressive gain in a virtual global. This is defective thinking. Indeed, just because digital technology is inflicting most of the demanding situations companies face, it doesn’t imply […]

Ten technologies to shake up maritime in 2018

Technologies that might shake the maritime industry can come from all angles. But the largest hitters this 12 months could be those that alternate the face of IT and digitalization inside the enterprise. Shipowners will already be properly aware of the converting face of delivering emissions and smarter fleet management, but are they aware that […]