On July 10, 2019, US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health. This government order ought to open doors and create possibilities for industries engaged within the telehealth and blockchain services. The purpose, officials say, is to alternate the country’s healthcare machine by moving sufferers undergoing blood dialysis far from hospitals and clinics, and in the direction of much less steeply-priced, more convenient, at-home care. According to the directive, the administration desires 80 percentage of dialysis to be carried out at domestic by 2025 in preference to 12 percentage, as it is these days. The sevenfold boom will keep the authorities and coverage businesses loads of billions of bucks over the following decade.
This circulate underscores the enterprise’s want for value discount and opens the door for the implementation of price-slicing measures together with real-time video consultation between affected person and remote healthcare experts, rather than in-person consultations. However, these fee-reducing tactics may want to create criminal compliance worries relating to verifiability and privacy. Fortunately, these concerns also can be without problems addressed with the aid of having the transactions permanently recorded on the general public blockchain for verification and compliance.
“This new govt order will greatly benefit blockchain from a legal compliance angle, as the medical services might be moved to in a feel end up decentralized,” stated Dr. William Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Beowulf Blockchain, a complete-provider B2B cloud communique agency that empowers hospitals and clinics round the world to build a complete telehealth machine with real-time video convention on blockchain.

“With Beowulf technology, we are poised to fundamentally transform our healthcare device into one that grants affordable and on hand healthcare in a transparent nature and, inside the system, shop and improve the great of existence for billions,” Dr. William Nguyen persisted.
Mariner Advanced Pharmacy (MAPRx) and MD24 House Call are the two medical companies spearheading the Beowulf technology to bring comprehensive, on-site, customized healthcare to patients while assuaging the problem of transportation and wait time problems often involved with the health center and sanatorium visits. Marx’s VitaCheckout™ allows its clients, along with UCSF Hospitals, Stanford Hospital campuses, to region remedy orders. Physicians can securely region orders thru this new platform 24/7, while patients can access they’re taking part pharmacists thru real-time video conferencing and consultations.
“Being capable of talk over with sufferers thru a telemedicine platform, not simplest saves time and personalizes the drugstore enjoy, but additionally will increase remedy compliance,” Dr. Henry Truong said. “Patients can speedily send fill up requests, get admission to real-time, and relaxed consultations with pharmacists through video calling inside the comfort in their personal home.”
As within the case of MD24 House Call, it’s far spearheading in-house health practitioner offerings throughout the state of Arizona, wherein patients can order a domestic visit from a number one care doctor or a scientific professional. In addition, they can order different in-domestic services like X-rays and blood dialysis 24/7. Dr. Linh Nguyen, CEO of MD24 House Call stated: “We are embarking on a new adventure to obtain a powerful telehealth machine in which nice independent physicians and healthcare engineers can convey the best satisfactory of care and values to our patients thru telemedical programs. We are planning to feature a pressing care carrier thru on-call for an actual-time video conference to its offerings within the close to future.”
In short, as the healthcare system begins to move in the direction of decentralization – inside the experience that many services can be achieved outside clinic and health facility settings – telemedicine with actual-time video conference becomes a vital thing for the performance of healthcare, and blockchain will be very useful for felony compliance. The mixture of the two will make hospital treatment and health services plenty greater available, and low-priced, to each citizen of the arena each time and anywhere.

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