From graduation celebrations to practice session dinners, there are masses of reasons why you might need to make a chocolate cake at home, and in case you haven’t quite perfected your recipe just but, it may be because it’s missing this key element. Duke’s Mayo — though they’ll be a piece biased — makes a robust argument that mayonnaise is the name of the game aspect so one can take your chocolate cake to the subsequent level.
The reasoning at the back of this particularly odd ingredient choice is that the creamy consistency will make the chocolate cake extremely moist. Mayo is made of oil and egg yolks, in spite of everything, and it may serve alternatively for oil and egg yolks on your baking recipes.
OK, we’re listening …
According to the recipe, you’ll want the everyday components for chocolate cake: unsweetened cocoa powder, flour, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract, and water. Last however not least, you’ll also upload Duke’s Mayonnaise to the mix.
From there, you’ll bake the cake and prepare the decadent frosting — which does not call for mayo.
In the end, you’ll wind up with a cake that’s the right consistency, rich yet moist. And it’s all crowned off with candy, chocolatey frosting.

Once you take delivery of mayonnaise as a component so one can make your baked items higher, you’ll open up an entirely new world of baking opportunities. Duke’s additionally recommends incorporating mayo into recipes for coconut cakes, banana bread, and even savory baked gadgets together with biscuits and cornbread. Hey, if mayo can make chocolate cake flavor even more excellent, those recipes are definitely really worth a shot!
While it could be somewhat sudden to think that all this time, mayo is the component your cake’s been lacking, however adding greater-creamy ingredients to present baked items a wet consistency isn’t uncommon. Hershey’s has a recipe that calls for bitter cream in preference to mayonnaise, as an instance.
According to the recipe, a sixteen-ounce container of sour cream for your cake batter will give you the remaining, dreamy cake. Pair that with a fudge frosting, and you’ll be in chocolate cake heaven.

Of course, if we had to pick out a fave upload-in to conventional chocolate cake, it’d have to be red wine. A recipe from Baker By Nature proves that the best aspect higher than ingesting a glass of pink wine with your chocolate cake is including purple wine to the batter and frosting — and this recipe additionally includes bitter cream in the cake batter.
So, how will you upgrade your move-to cake recipe? Add in a touch mayo? Sour cream? Wine, even? Why now not flavor-take a look at all of them?!?

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